Martial Arts

Fighting styles fulfill the role of both weapon and Armor Defense, and take up equivalent slots. Multiple styles may be learned by a character, but only one can be equipped at a time - switching styles requires that you have the slots available for use. New styles can only be learned by finding a master and then leveling up while in their tutelage.

Each martial art has a perk and a drawback.

49 Empty Palms - d8 damage, 14 AD, 5 slots
Perk - Your attacks count as magical.
Drawback - Known only to angels.

Peasant's Path - d6 damage, 12 AD, 2 slots
Perk - You blend in with crowds of commoners and rural folk.
Drawback - You cannot hold a position of high social status.

Wheel of the Elements - d6 damage, 13 AD, Spells: Shape Earth, Control Fire, Bend Water, Move Air, 7 slots
Perk - 1/2 damage from preferred element.
Drawback - Double damage received from opposed element.

Crane Style - d8 damage, 13 AD, 4 slots
Perk - Your reach is as a spear.
Drawback - Disadvantage when resisting knockdown.

Mountain Stance - d10 damage, 18 AD, 9 slots
Perk - You cannot be knocked down in this stance.
Drawback -You cannot leave the ground in this stance.

Pressure Point Style - 0* damage, 15 AD, 5 slots
Perk - You can catch anything thrown to you.
Drawback -Your hands are permanently numb.
* Target must pass a CON save or be paralyzed.

Way of the Pebble - d6 damage (ranged), 14 AD, 5 slots
Perk - If you kill an enemy, you may make an additional attack on a second.
Drawback -Skin takes on a rough, unpleasant appearance.

Porcelain Fist - d10 damage, 11 AD, 3 slots
Perk - You may damage yourself to do more damage (no greater than lvl)
Drawback - Healing you receive is half as effective.

Drunken Monk - 2d4 damage, 13 AD, 4 slots
Perk - Can use any item as an improvised weapon
Drawback - Must be intoxicated to use this stance.

Way of the White Hand - d6 damage 16 AD, Spells; White Hand, Black Hand, 8 slots
Perk - Knowledge of distant lands and cultures.
Drawback -Vegetarian diet, deathly feud with the Red Hand.

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