Firearms come in two basic categories:

  • Pistol - d8 damage, 1 slot, 3 quality, can be fired in melee
  • Rifle - d10 damage, 2 slots, 3 quality, disadvantage when fired into melee.

Reloading depends on what kind of gun you have.

  • Black powder - Must be reloaded after each shot, reloading takes a turn.
  • Semi-automatic - Pistols have 6 shots, rifles have 8.

An ammo pouch and cleaning tools take up 1 slot. It can hold 24 charges/bullets.
Rifles can be affixed with a bayonet (d6 damage, 3 quality, 1 slot), which can be removed and used as a normal melee weapon if needed.

A standard grenade takes up 1 slot and does 2d6 damage within a 10 foot radius, ignoring armor.

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