Magic Rings for Knave

These rings all have minor magical boons, many of which are specific to Knave’s mechanics or OSR concepts. Roll a d20 to randomly choose one, in true OSR style.

Knavel Rings

  1. Duelist’s Ring: Your attacks hit when you tie your target’s armor defense.
  2. Band of Quickened Wit: You can use your Intelligence defense instead of your armor defense.
  3. Gladiator’s Ring: If you two-hand a spear, sword, mace, axe, or flail, you can roll damage with advantage.
  4. Ring of Rout: Whenever you hit a creature with a ranged attack, they must make a Morale roll.
  5. Strongman’s Fancy: Add your Strength bonus to your hirelings’ Morale.
  6. Ring of Open Doors: You can cast spells 1 level above your level.
  7. Ring of Unknown Shores: You can read a spellbook backwards to cast a completely random spell at a power one level lower than the original spellbook.
  8. Jester’s Iron Belly Band: You can consume torches as rations and lantern oil as water.
  9. The Odd Couple: You gain the trade skills of whoever wears the paired ring (likely a hireling) as long as they are asleep and within 100 feet of you.
  10. Readers Ring: You become literate.
  11. The Burdener: Items that would take more than 1 slot now take 1; items that would take 1 slot now take 2.
  12. Band of Silkform: Whatever you’re carrying in this hand doesn’t occupy any inventory slots.
  13. Ear Ring: You know instantly if anyone is speaking in code or passing hidden information.
  14. Rebel Ring: You take your turn during the enemy’s initiative round, whenever you choose.
  15. Greenleaf: You can make ranged attacks in melee combat.
  16. Sniper’s Reward: Until you miss with it, the last arrow in your quiver doesn’t run out.
  17. Ironbone Band: Whenever an item you’re carrying loses a point of Quality, you gain a point of HP.
  18. Eternity’s Toll: When recovering hit points, if you roll a number on the d8 lower than your Constitution bonus, reroll.
  19. Traveller’s Guide: The reaction roll of creatures you meet alone is 1d6+6 instead of 2d6.
  20. Ring of Unerring Precision: You always roll opposed saved versus your opponents lowest defense score.

Connor Roberson