Feats allow Knave’s Classless characters, class-like features.

PC’s can pick one of the following feats at 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 6th level.


Acrobat: You're like a ninja, You are capable of great acrobatic maneuvers. This allows you to attack move, or move attack move, or move attack. You can do this 3x per combat encounter, and pretty anytime outside of combat.Battle Rage: Once per long rest, you can rage. Raging gives you advantage on all Strength saving throws, and an additional +2 damage. However you are unable to cast spells while raging, and your rage ends when all combat has ceased.

Bodyguard: Once per combat session you can take the damage that would hit an adjacent ally(must be announced before the damage roll is made).

Critter Friend: If you spend 1 minute observing or interacting with an animal, you may communicate simple ideas, and understand its responses.

Cook: Either through trial or training, you have learned how to properly prepare, and store food in order to prevent spoilage. The risk of spoilage for all food you prepare/store is reduced by 4.

Disarmed: You're good at aiming for the fingers. On a hit, you can do your ordinary damage plus disarm an opponent if they fail a simple str check.

Eeeny meeny miney moe: You are really good at stabbing people in places they really wish you hadn't. If you successfully attack a foe with a dagger, you have the option to leave the dagger in some horrible place. The dagger will do d4 ongoing damage per round and will do d8 if they take it out (This can be done once per combat session). Magical healing will allow safe extraction of the dagger as will decent mundane medical attention.

Swashbuckling: You become adept at using a style of fighting known as swashbuckling. While dual wielding and wearing no armor, you can add your dex bonus to your armor defense.

Haggler: you know just where to look, who to ask, and what to say to get the best prices. Granting you an advantage on all Charisma and Intelligence saving throws, when looking for a store/shop. You also have an advantage on Charisma check when haggling the price of an item.

Inspiring word: you can give any character within 30 ft who can hear you,advantage on their next saving throw. This can only be done once every short rest.

Keen Mind: You can recall anything you have seen or heard in the past month, and perfectly relay that info onto others.

Paranormal: If you eat something, you can cause someone else to vomit it up (If you're using the Homebrew Health rules, you won't receive any HP from said throw up item). This could be used in odd ways e.g. sending an ally in prison a key. However, this is very straining, and can only be performed once every long rest.

Parrot: After spending 1 minute listening to another character/creature you have advantage when attempting to mimic their voice.

Poison Sniffer: you have advantage on all saving throws to tell if an object is poisoned, and what poison it is.

Rampage: When you kill an opponent in melee combat you can immediately attack the closest foe within 5 ft as a bonus action.

Theft of Property: you have advantage when attempting to steal an item off the body of another character.

Thrown: any thrown weapon has a +1 to hit if the target is within 30 feet.

Tough: after losing all your health you can keep fighting up to -8 hp, or when the battle ends (you cannot be healed once your HP drops below 0).

Tracker: You have advantage on all saving throws when tracking an animal oranother character. You also have advantage when attempting to discern the type of creature based on it tracks.

Winters Three Frozen Blades: You become adept at using a style of fighting known as Winters Three Frozen Blades. When dual wield two daggers you can attack two adjacent foes as of they were one. If your opposed saving throw is successful, both foes take the same amount of damage. Additionally, as a stunt, you can throw daggers each targeting a separate or single target within 30 ft (saving throw is required for each dagger).

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Designer's Note: Feats should be used with the Knave system, in games where the odds are stacked against the players, and/or in campaigns.