Homebrew Health

Homebrew Healing gives players 3 different ways of healing, and a built-in food system to explore.

How to Heal

Knaves can heal in the following 3 ways, after sustaining injuries in battle:
Taking a Long RestA Long Rest is when the party sets down for an extended amount of time (4-8 hours), prepares a meal, shares that meal, and spends the rest of that time sleeping. Every time the Party completes a Long Rest they will regain lost hit points equal to a d8 plus their Constitution bonus.
Having a SnackPC’s can use a rations to quickly heal up. Every time this is done the PC will regain 1d4 hit points. Snacks do not stack and players must wait an hour before having another.
Resting in a Safe HavenSafe Havens are towns and cities with a relativly low risk of danger. Staying in a Safe Haven overnight restores all lost hit points.

Designer's Note: Constitution bonuses do not affect maximum hit points like in most OSR games, but it is a big help when it comes to healing.


Both long rests, snacks require PC’s to eat, sometimes they will run out of rations, and need to find another source of food. The following rules and tables should help referees when their players decide to cook up that Manticore they just killed.

Homebrew Healing Preparation

In order for your PC’s to eat any creatures or plants they come across they will first need the following tools:


When cooking, PC’s run the risk of eating spoiled food. Much like our reality, different foods have a higher risk of spoiling then others. Ultimately it’s up to the Referee to decide the risk of spoilage, and thus food poisoning. The following charts should be used when deciding the risk of your PC’s food spoiling, and the spoilage effect.

Spoilage Risk

CategoryIf 1d12 here food spoiled
Bought & Seasoned1
Hunted/Fished/Forged & Seasoned1,2,3,4
Mystery Meat(Monster Meat,etc)1,2,3,4,5,7,8
Scavanged(Road Kill, etc)1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10

Spoilage Effect

CategoryIf 1d12 here food spoiled
1Diherrea for 1d4 hrs
2Hallucinations for 1d6 hrs
3Nausea for 1d4 hrs (-1 to all DEX saving throws)
4Parasite (-2 regained HP every Long Rest)

Sometimes PC’s will run into weird creatures, plants, or monsters, they end up killing, and eating. The following chart should be used when describing the taste of the creature/monster/plant they’re consuming.


2Oily, Fatty Pork
3Dense, Faintly Spice Pork
4Faintly Spiced Beef
5Rubbery Fish
6Dense & Fibery
10Cross Between Chicken & Fish
11Cross Between Beef & Fish
12Cross Between Pork & Fish
13Cross Between Mutton & Fish
15Crackles like Poprocks
16Juicy & Fizzy
17Very Spicy
18Apple Sauce
19Bitter & Salty
20Dry, Stringy and Bitter

Ryan Heffelfinger
Ben Milton: Knave
Special Thanks to Ben Milton for allowing nobodies like me to pretty much do anything with the Knave System and thank you for all the help from the people on the QuestingBeast discord.

Designer's Note: Useful when the referee wants players to have more fun, through emersive realism.