Enchantments allow PC’s to buy magic for their weapons.

Give your players a cool magic shop to vist, and ta-da. You’re players are using 4 simple Enchantments, in way you didn't think possible. Each item can only hold 1 enchantment. If players attempt to carry two items with the same enchantment (except for instruments), they take 1d6 explosion damage.

Instruments can hold a number of spells equal to the number of slots said instrument takes up. No matter the item a spell is transferred to, each spell can only be used once per long rest.


BraceStrengthens armor in ways that no mortal will ever understand. Armor with the brace enchantment gives players a -1 to all damage taken.
FloatWhen applied to an item, that item cannot be submerged under any liquid. some say that even rain won’t touch items imbued with this enchantment.
GrowthAny item imbued with this enchantment, grow to the size of a train engine on command. This does, however, cost an action.
ReplenishAny Item capable of storing liquids, and imbued with this enchant- ment. Will forever be filled to the brim with whatever you pour inside.
TransferMore of a service than an enchantment, the transfer enchantment allows the magical essence of a spell book to be transferred into an item. Each item can only hold one spell, with instruments being the only exception.

Note: if applied to stackable items like arrows, or pebbles, the enchanted items take up a whole slot.

Ryan Heffelfinger
Ben Milton: Knave
Special Thanks to Ben Milton for allowing nobodies like me to pretty much do anything with the Knave System and thank you for all the help from the people on the QuestingBeast discord.

Designer's Note: Enchantments adds a way for your players to further customize their build. Also enables Bards.