Expedition Resources

Certain items are considered Expedition Resources. They have the following qualities:

The meaning of "group" obviously changes if characters get split up.



Lanterns & fuel

Basic camping equipment

Basic climbing equipment

Luck Roll for Resources

Creative uses of an Expedition Resource, occurrences that would put a resource at risk (e.g. falling into a putrid pit, dropping a lantern into the water, body engulfed in flames), and other situations that raise the question "Has this resource been used up?" should result in a d6 Luck Roll:

1The resource is depleted
2-3The Expedition Resource has 1 use (expected or creative) remaining
4-6No change

Credit: Adapted from Brian Harbron.

Designer's Note: If you prioritize simplicity in tracking, this does the job. I personally won't be using this system for Knave, but I will be using it for Into the Odd, for which it was originally designed.