Hill Cantons Death and Dismemberment

Roll d10 if a PC reaches 0 to -10 hit points (anything lower is an automatic death). If hit again during the session, the player must make an additional roll at -1 (cumulative for each roll on the chart). The GM can also adjudicate positive or negative modifiers according to circumstance. With any result the character is out for the session unless magical healing brings hit points into the positive range.

0 or lowerGrisly Death. Body so spectacularly destroyed that only a resurrection or wish spell can bring it back to life.
1 to 3Just Plain Dead. Dead as per the usual rules.
4 to 5Fatal Wound. Character dies in 1d12 rounds unless magical healing is applied. Character is completely incapacitated and will remain an invalid for 3d6 weeks. Scarring makes for -2 to Charisma.
6 to 7Severed or Mangled Limb or Digit. Roll randomly or GM pick for which limb or digit (can also be eyes, ears, or nose). Unconscious for 3d6 rounds. Character requires 3d4 weeks of healing before being able to adventure. -1 to Charisma.
8-9Broken Bone. Roll randomly or GM picks limb. 3d4 weeks to heal bone. Also unconscious for 2d6 rounds.
10 or higherConcussion. Unconscious for 2d6 rounds. 3D6 if not wearing helmet.

Credit: Chris Kutalik

Designer's Note: Chris' table still takes characters out of play most of the time and leaves them very challenged if they survive.