At character creation, reroll the stat in the Reroll column and pick the higher value.

1-15HumanChoiceStart with 1 extra Dungeoneering Gear itemDisadvantage to resist being mutated or transformed
16-20ElfCHAEat half as many rationsSave vs Ugliness or shun it
21GnomeINTCan become invisible if you close eyes, hold breath, don't moveDisadvantage to DEX when legs are used
22SpiderlingDEXCan secrete 30' of rope per dayCannot see more than 30'
23MagpielingDEXAlways knows the approximate value of mundane itemsMust Save or pick up shiny objects
24EellingINTTake half damage while grapplingCannot see anything nearer than 1'
25AntlingCON+2 Inventory SlotsSave vs Fear when alone
26HedgehoglingWIS+2 ArmorCannot wear armor on chest or limbs
27DeerlingCHAAntlers (as a club)When afraid, will run instead of freezing
28SlothlingSTRCannot be FrightenedAlways Surprised
29MouselingWISCan very convincingly play dead-2 Inventory Slots
30BoarlingCONTusks (as a dagger)Constant snuffling. Disadvantage to stealth rolls
31HawklingINTCan see detail at a great distanceMust eat uncooked food
32HoundlingCHACan track a creature by smellSave vs Commands
33BeetlelingSTR+1 Armor, half fall damageCannot wear armor on chest or limbs
34FishlingCONCan hold breath for 5 minutesDrink twice as much water as usual
35SwanlingDEXCan shout and sing incredibly wellCursed. Disadvantage to Save vs anything
36OwllingWISCan rotate head 180 degreesCough up disgusting pellets after every meal
37SluglingSTRCannot be pushed in combatSalt is deadly to you
38FlylingDEXCan eat rotten food as rationsWill never notice details unless they move
39RabbitlingDEXJump twice as highWhen afraid, will freeze instead of running
40GooselingCONPrehensile neck, can fit through small spacesWhen afraid, Save or attack enemy
41RavenlingCHACan eat rotten food as rationsMust Save or pick up shiny objects
42WeasellingSTRCan crawl through narrow spacesMust eat uncooked food
43FroglingCHAPrehensile tongue (as a whip)Drink twice as much water as usual
44ToadlingSTRJump twice as highContagious warts
45RatlingINTCan crawl through narrow spacesSave vs Fear when alone
46GoatlingDEXNo penalties for broken or hilly terrainPervasive, unique stink
47FoxlingWISWhen foraging, gain double rations.Cannot tell the direct, blunt truth
48WormlingINTCan shrink or grow from your base height by 25% as an Action-2 Inventory Slots
49FlealingSTRCan drink blood as rationsCannot wear armor on chest or limbs
50BatlingWISCan roll Wis to "hear" walls and major fixtures in the dark.Will never notice details unless they move

Credit: Modified from Skerples' Table of Races for the GLOG.

Designer's Note: Very minor race effects provide further characterization and opportunities for character motivation to emerge from play.