Actually Medieval Professions

The professions below aren't implausible for a European city or town between 1100 and 1400. I've found citations for all the Guilded professions listed.

RollProfessionGuild?ItemWeaponWeapon Type
1ArmourerGhelmethammerlight, improvised
2Astrologerbook of star tablesdaggerlight
3Bag-makerGleather bagclublight
4BakerG2 loaves of breaddough paddlemedium, improvised
5Barber-Surgeonneedle and threadscalpellight, improvised
6Basket-makerG3 small basketsdaggerlight
7Belt-makerG2 sturdy beltsbelt with heavy buckleuseless, improvised
8BlacksmithGiron tongshammerlight, improvised
9BrasiersGbrass handlehammerlight, improvised
10BrewerGtiny barrel of beermash paddlemedium, improvised
11Bridle-makerGleather bridle and saddleawluseless, improvised
12EmbroidererGneedle and threadclublight
13Broom-makerGbroomsturdy broommedium, improvised
14ButcherGlive lamb (0 slots)cleaverlight, improvised
15CarderGcomb and bundle of raw woolclublight
16CarpenterGplumb line, 10 nailssawlight, improvised
17CartwrightGhandcart (0 slots)hammerlight, improvised
18Chalk cutterGchalk, 5 pieceschisellight
19ChandlerG3 candlesdaggerlight
20Charcoal BurnerGtorchaxemedium
21Cheese-makerGWheel of cheesebucketuseless, improvised
22Clerkpaper, quill inkdaggerlight
23CobblerGbag of tacksawluseless, improvised
24Cookbag of saltcleaverlight, improvised
25CooperGbarrel (0 slots)hammerlight, improvised
26Dog breederclever young dogwhiplight
27Drunkardbottle of strong liquorbroken bottleuseless, improvised
28DyerG3 vials of dyebag of snailsuseless, improvised
29FarrierG3 horseshoeshammerlight, improvised
30Felt-makerGfine cloakhammerlight, improvised
31FishermanG10' netdeboning knifelight
32FletcherG20 arrows, feathersbowranged
33FurbisherGwooden chairhammerlight, improvised
34Gamblerloaded dice (0 slots)daggerlight
35GlassblowerG3 glass bottlesiron pipelight, improvised
36Goatherdlive goat (0 slots)whiplight
37GongfarmerGsack of nightsoilshovelmedium, improvised
38Gravediggerwooden grave markershovelmedium, improvised
39Hunterdead rabbitbow and 20 arrowsranged
41JewelerGwire scraps, bending toolshammerlight, improvised
42LeatherworkerGleather helmetclublight
43Link Boytorchclublight
44MasonGbag of mortarhammerlight, improvised
45MercerG3 fruits, vegitables, or nutsclublight
46Midwifebundle of ragsscalpellight, improvised
47MillerGbag of flourclublight
48MinerGlanternmining pickheavy, improvised
50Miracle Play ActorGdisguise kitwooden swordlight
51NeedlemakerG10 needlesfileuseless, improvised
52Pack HandlerGdonkey (0 slots)whiplight
53PainterG3 tubes of paint (R,W,B)clublight
54Parchment makerGparchment, 3 piecesscraping knifelight
55Parent3 rationsbelt with heavy buckleuseless, improvised
56PlastererGbucket and brushclublight
57PorterGwheelbarrow (0 slots)clublight
58PotterGclaytroweluseless, improvised
59Poultry-keeper2 chickensbucketuseless, improvised
60ProstituteGmakeup kit (disguise kit)daggerlight
61Rag Manbundle of ragsbone daggerlight
62Rat Catchersmall but vicious dogclublight
63Rope-makerG30' ropedaggerlight
64SalterGbag of saltrakeuseless, improvised
65Scullionclay jug, iron potrolling pinuseless, improvised
66SculptorG3 light chisels (iron spikes)hammerlight, improvised
67Servant (Domestic)liveryclublight
68Servant (Military)liverydaggerlight
69Shepherdlive sheep (0 slots)crookmedium
70ShipwrightG10 sturdy nailshammerlight, improvised
71StonecutterGheavy chiselhammerlight, improvised
72Swineherdlive pig (0 slots)quarterstaffmedium
73TailorGtwo yards of linenscissorsuseless, improvised
74TannerGwaterproof bagskinning knifelight
75ThatcherGbundle of reedsdaggerlight
76Trumpeterenormous trumpetswordmedium
77WeaponsmithGmetal fileswordmedium
78Wet NurseG3 cloth diapersclublight
79WoodcarverGdevotional statuechisellight
80WoodcutterGbundle of woodaxemedium
81WoolwinderGbundle of wound woolclublight
82Alchemistflask of gluedaggerlight
83ApothecaryGnightshade (1d6)pestleuseless, improvised
84ArchitectGmeasuring string staffmedium
85BankerGset of scalesdaggerlight
86BookbinderGdefective bookawluseless, improvised
87Bureaucratpaper, quill inkclublight
88ChirurgeonNeedle and threadbonesawlight, improvised
89Clock-makerGscrewdriver, filehammerlight, improvised
90EngineerGjar of greaselead pipelight, improvised
91Falconerglove, trained hawkhawk (1d4, but startling)-
92GoldsmithGset of scalesdaggerlight
93Herbalist"healing" herbsdaggerlight
94Illustratorpaper, quill inkclublight
95Lead Servantlivery, clubwhiplight
96LocksmithGlockpick setdaggerlight
97Poetbook of poetrydaggerlight
98SailorG50' ropeclublight
99Storytellerhand puppetsquarterstaffmedium
100Tax Collectorlockbox (0 slots)staffmedium

Guild Professions (marked with a G) require membership in a guild. There are lots of good articles online that discuss guilds, apprenticeships, and status.

High-Status Professions (82-100) earn double Income. You are also treated better, even as an apprentice, than most other professions.

Normally, you start with your Professions as a Skill and the item listed. You don't start with the weapon listed.

You can also use this table for hirelings, for figuring out the identity of a corpse or the contents of someone's pockets, or to generate Level 0 characters.

Light weapons deal 1d6 damage. Medium weapons deal 1d8 damage. Heavy weapons deal 1d10 damage and require two hands.

Improvised weapons deal half damage. Useless weapons deal 1 damage on a critical hit and no damage otherwise.

Credit: Skerples' blog "Coins and Scrolls".

Designer's Note: This change is quite a lot like adding classes to the game, but it feels very different and only really changes a little.