AD&D Item Costs

10 sp3 cp10 gp25 gp17 gp8 gp1 gp40 gp18 gp30 gp300 gp150 gp225 gp25 gp20 gp15 gp2 cp1 gp3 gp15 gp2 gp4 cp2 gp28 gp9 gp1 cp1 sp5 gp15 sp17 sp8 sp7 gp12 gp10 gp20 gp1 gp3 cp1 gp15 sp8 sp12 sp15 sp1 gp4 sp16 cp10 cp15 sp1 cp30 gp1 gp1 cp1 sp5 cp1 sp1 gp1 sp5 sp5 gp3 gp10 sp5 sp1 gp1 gp2 gp50 gp7 sp25 gp250 gp100 gp500 gp15 sp12 sp10 gp4 gp3 gp3 sp50 gp75 gp150 gp50 gp25,000 gp10,000 gp15,000 gp5,000 gp20,000 gp150 gp


Banded90 gp
Chain75 gp
Helmet, great15 gp
Helmet, small10 gp
Leather5 gp
Padded4 gp
Plate400 gp
Ring30 gp
Scale45 gp
Shield, large15 gp
Shield, small10 gp
Shield, small, wooden1 gp
Splinted80 gp
Studded15 gp


Arrow, normal, single2 sp
Arrow, normal, dozen1 gp
Arrow, silver, single1 gp
Axe, battle5 gp
Axe, hand or throwing1 gp
Bardiche 7 gp Partisan10 gp
Bec de corbin6 gp
Bill-Guisarme6 gp
Bow, composite short75 gp
Bow, composite, long100 gp
Bow, long60 gp
Bow, short15 gp
Crossbow, heavy20 gp
Crossbow, light12 gp
Dagger and scabbard2 gp
Dart5 sp
Fauchard3 gp
FauchardFork 8 gp
Flail, footman’s3 gp
Flail, horseman’s8 gp
Fork, Military4 gp
Glaive6 gp
Glaive-Guisarme10 gp
Guisarme5 gp
GuisarmeVoulge 7 gp
Halberd 9 gp Trident4 gp
Hammer, Lucern7 gp
Hammer1 gp
Javelin10 sp
Lance6 gp
Mace, footman’s8 gp
Mace, horseman’s4 gp
Morning Star5 gp
Pick, Military, footman’s8 gp
Pick, Military, horseman’s5 gp
Pike, awl3 gp
Quarrel (or Bolt), light, single1 sp
Quarrel (or Bolt), heavy, score2 gp
Ranseur4 gp
Scimitar15 gp
Sling & Bullets, dozen15 sp
Sling Bullets, score10 sp
Spear1 gp
Spetum3 gp
Sword, bastard, & scabbard25 gp
Sword, broad, & scabbard10 gp
Sword, long & scabbard15 gp
Sword, short & scabbard8 gp
Sword, two-handed30 gp
Voulge2 gp


Belt3 sp
Boots, high, hard2 gp
Boots, high, soft1 gp
Boots, low, hard1 gp
Boots, low, soft8 sp
Cap1 sp
Cloak5 sp
Girdle, broad2 gp
Girdle, normal10 sp
Hat7 sp
Robe6 sp


Belladona, sprig4 sp
Garlic, bud5 cp
Wolvesbane, sprig


Dog, guard
Dog, hunting
Hawk, large
Hawk, small
Horse, draft
Horse, heavy war
Horse, light war
Horse, medium war
Horse, riding (light)

Miscellaneous Equipment & Items

Backpack, leather
Box, iron, large
Box, iron, small
Candle, tallow
Candle, wax
Case, bone, map or scroll
Case, leather, map or scroll
Chest, wooden, large
Chest, wooden, small
Lantern, hooded
Lantern, bullseye
Mirror, large metal
Mirror, small, silver
Oil, flask of
Pole, 10’
Pouch, belt, large
Pouch, belt, small
Quiver, 1 doz. arrows cap.
Quiver, 1 score arrows cap.
Quiver, 1 score bolts cap.
Quiver, 2 score bolts cap.
Rope, 50’
Sack, large
Sack, small
Skin for water or wine
Spike, iron, large
Thieves’ picks & tools
Tinder Box, with flint & steel


Ale, pint
Beer, small, pint
Food, merchant’s meal
Food, rich meal
Grain, horse meal, 1 day
Mead, pint
Rations, iron, 1 week
Rations, standard, 1 week
Wine, pint, good
Wine, pint, watered

Religious Items

Beads, Prayer
Incense, stick
Symbol, Holy*, iron
Symbol, Holy*, silver
Symbol, Holy*, wooden
Water, Holy*, vial
* or Unholy

Tack and Harness

Barding, chain
Barding, leather
Barding, plate
Bit and Bridle
Saddle Bags, large
Saddle Bags, small
Saddle Blanket


Barge (or Raft), small
Boat, small
Boat, long
Galley, large
Galley, small
Ship, merchant, large
Ship, merchant, small
Ship, war