Knave Custom Booklet Creator

Create your own custom Knave booklet with all, none, or some rules additions, modifications or hacks.

Have you ever wanted to create YOUR perfect Knave ruleset without having to scavenge through multiple scraps of paper here and there and everywhere? A single handout, with all of your rules, for your players? Then try this.

The original Knave rules are checked by default.
Note: If a hack changes rules, this creator SHOULD change the rules as needed when you add a hack. Check the parts you want and uncheck the parts you don't want.

You can edit the name of your RPG by clicking the name in the My RPG box and it will reflect throughout your document.

When you like what you see, select print and choose save as/to PDF. When you print only the Text in the My Rules box below will be printed and often formatted a bit different from your screen. Try a print preview to get an idea.

All of the text in the My Rules box is editable, in a basic way.

NOTES: The print layout is decent, not perfect yet.


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